Church Mobile App: Part 3 – Implementation

Here’s the list of the main one’s we found:



Reasons for moving from Elexio:

 Videos are now being stored on livestream

 We are no longer hosting audio sermons

 Email no longer offered as part of the package

 Not using the event signup or online giving feature of Elexio


1. Create a new mobile WordPress website at that will be the main place

where the mobile app content will be created at.

2. Work with the mobile app vendor (Lifeway) to customize the mobile app

 Church location (google maps)

 Sermon Videos

 Live Streaming

 Facebook Check-in

 Prayer Request

 About Us/Staff

 Video Announcements

5. Deploy to app stores

1.     Facebook:   Create a Fan Page for the River.  Keep the group page for the congregation, but focus the fan page towards the community.  Someone from the staff should be in charge of what is said there and pretend that the readers know nothing about God or church so be careful of the language used.
2.     I would suggest using a bit more video.  It works well for social media and newsletters.  The video should be short, a minute or so, longer and people lose interest.
3.     Video’s can be used to answer basic questions, “If God is so good, why do bad things happen?”  or “How can you trust a book that is that old?”  Things like this.  Or you can use it to extend sermons.  On Thursdays, for instance, give an illustration or something that people should think about, Sunday is church, and then on Tuesday, give a final thought and lead into the next one.
4.     The goal is to create connection points, think velcro. with the River for the community.  Newsletters are a great place to start.  My opinion, since you have the technology, is to do a video one.  The newsletter itself is really sparse,  Just a sentence or two and a graphic that looks like a video.  However, when people click on it, it should point back to a back page of your website.  This gets people on your site and while they are there, they can look around.
5.     Your current website is not mobile friendly.  Google has plans to push all of those websites down in the search engine.  I would recommend using Squarespace to build a new site.  It is easy to use, all drop and drag, and you can have editors and administrators.  It can create a modern look and simple flow.  Again, focus it on the community.
Hope this helps.  If you are interested, I can gladly sit with you and your team to go over ideas and show you some things.  Have a great day!
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