Church App: Getting Started


The following is a walk-through of the process my friend Pastor Rafe and I used to build the River of God Church (ROGC) mobile app.

Update (7/1/20): Original app has been removed from both App Stores. A series to follow the new app update will be posted soon.

Part 1 – Analysis
Part 2 – Design
Part 3 – Implementation
Part 4 – Publishing

Getting Started

After reading this Lifeway article we decided that ROGC was indeed ready for a mobile app.

What was the vision for the app?
– Increase member engagement
– Improve attendance with check-in feature
– Solidify online giving experience

Here’s the priorities of what we hoped to accomplish…

Mobile App Wish List

  1. Facebook integration (check-in)
  2. Twitter link
  3. Instagram link
  4. Sermon Videos
  5. Sermon Audio
  6. Sermon Notes
  7. Online Giving
  8. Text Giving
  9. Calendar of Events
  10. Blog
  11. iTunes podcast
  12. Live Streaming
  13. Mobile notifications
  14. Life groups
  15. Prayer requests
  16. About Us/Staff
  17. Video Announcements

Cost Comparison

With the goal of adding the mobile app while not having to increase our budget we found the following:

Service Providers
System Current Proposed
Web Host $$$$ $
Video Streaming Service $$ $$$$
Archive Video Host $ $
Mobile App N/A $
With the cost savings from changing web hosts, were were able to afford to both beef up our live streaming plan and add the mobile app.
With a plan and an idea of a budget, we were able to continue to the design phase where we would pin down the look & feel of the design.
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